About Us

StandOut Search is a free database containing all internships, research opportunities, and summer programs for high school students. Each opportunity in our database has been personally recommended by college students based on the opportunities they pursued in high school.

Our Story

StandOutSearch was founded in 2020 at The University of Chicago by a group of students who had completed multiple internships in high school. These opportunities had a profound impact on their academic and professional trajectories, helping them identify their goals and make the most out of their higher education. 
However, each of them had struggled tremendously to find these opportunities while in high school. As a solution, they conducted a survey of 200+ students from each region of the US who had gone on to attend UChicago and similar institutions about the internships they pursued in high school and would recommend to others. 
They used these survey results to create, StandOutSearch, the largest existing database for high school internships. Thanks to generous investment from The University of Chicago and The University of Illinois (read more here!), StandOutSearch is now available as a free resource for high school students across the US to find pre-vetted opportunities recommended by their older peers.